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Vehicle Safes

Ground-breaking Long Weapon Safe for Vehicles

Now you can have peace of mind storing your rifles and shotguns in your own vehicle when travelling. A breakthrough for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

  • Innovative user-friendly designs
  • Compliant with FCA and SABS
  • Various sizes and configurations
  • Robust, failproof keyless locking
  • Suitable for sedans, hatchbacks, bakkies, SUV’s, 4×4’s, vans and trucks.”


  • Complies with SABS 953-1:2018 type B3 safe for motor vehicles and caravans
  • Sized to suit type and number of weapons, storage arrangement, orientation, vehicle, etc.
  • Supplied as a system with installation kit customised per safe and vehicle
  • Fully opening cover affords quick and easy access
  • All steel construction with minimum 3,0 mm bare metal thickness
  • Strategically located armour plate reinforcements
  • Multiple active re-locking devices incorporated as standard
  • High security lock with unique keys defeats lock picking and unauthorised key duplication
  • Innovative enclosing cover resists crowbars and prybars
  • Protective interior furnishing to suit customer requirements
  • Permanent,  removable and dockable options
Vehicle safes

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